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I worked on numerous design, prototyping and development projects in the context of Augmented Reality (AR) in the role of UX Designer at Metaio. Metaio was one of the leading AR technology providers, now acquired by Apple Inc. I completely re-designed the company’s content authoring platform Metaio Creator for OSX, which aimed to lower the bar for the creative professionals (e.g., visual designers, content creators, artists) to start devising new AR experiences without the need of using a programming language. I conducted a set of usability studies of the company’s specialized products, e.g. AR browser (Junaio) and 3D-point cloud creation tool (Metaio Toolbox), and wrote UX reports outlining their shortcomings and proposing concrete design solutions to address those. I also carried out a set of lab and field experiments in the context of location-based and audio AR to aid planning and navigation activities in the urban environments using various devices’ form factors (e.g., smartphones, tablets, head-mounted displays). Those findings informed designs of new products and services within the company’s portfolio. Ultimately, I streamlined the design and interaction languages across all major Metaio products and supporting web-platforms, and incorporated the user-centered design process into product development.


publications ans Patents:


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