Vscreens: a wireless cross-device media sharing ecosystem





Usability Study




I was a principle front-end architect for a multimedia content sharing platform VSCREENS, a project devised at the Advanced Applications Research Lab at Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (USA). The platform has leveraged a seamlessly established wireless communication session between an Android phone and a remote web-enabled device with a larger display. VSCREENS allowed real-time sharing various content items such as photos, videos, presentation decks from a personal smartphone to co-located and remote audiences without the need for any additional configuration and infrastructure. The system incorporated “Privacy by Design” approach enabling extended user control mechanisms during a presentation session. The system outreach was 100k users and spanned various applications domains.


publication and patent:


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Paul Joergen Birkler, Anton Fedosov, Jeffrey Blattman, Richard Walter Jr. Rein (2012) System and Method for Establishing a Communication Session, url